Private fees - Avon House Dental Practice
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Private fees

Routine examination

Routine examination
Examination £38
Examination and cleaning £55
Scale and polish with Dental Hygienist £45 / 30mins
X-ray- small £8


Fillings- Tooth coloured £65 -120
Fillings- Metal £55 – 85
Extraction £65
Crown- Metal £260 / Tooth coloured £350
Veneer £320
Root canal treatment- Incisor/Canine £130 / Premolar £160 / Molar £220
Teeth whitening £299

Replacing teeth

Denture- plastic £250
Denture- flexible plastic £350-650
Denture- Metal £650
Bridge- £300 per tooth
Implant- not inc. crown £1650
Minor bone graft for implant £350


By becoming a member of our ongoing dental care plan you can receive a 10% discount on all private fees as well as having two dental examinations and two hygiene appointments per year.

We also offer a complete care plan which offers the same appointments with your dentist/hygienist as the ongoing care plan but also includes dental treatments.